The Alligator River Does Have Alligators

I was sure that once I left South Carolina I must have also left any chance of swimming with alligators.  So when I looked at The Alligator River on the charts and I noticed that it resembled the shape of an alligator (or so i think!) I just decided that must be why they call it that.  Clearly I was just ready to be done with worrying about little Captain Louie (or I) becoming snack food so I just told myself what I wanted to believe.  We anchored right off the shore of the Alligator River Preserve and the sound of the frogs and other critters all night was both deafening and peaceful.  And, yes, we did enjoy a very nice swim off the boat that evening.  We didn’t see any alligators but it turns out indeed there are plenty there.  I know… it’s called the ALLIGATOR RIVER!

The best part is we got to do some great sailing on the river.  It felt like it had been weeks since I’d been able to turn off the motor and zip along under sail and it was fantastic.  We set ourselves up for the night right at the north end to get an early start across the Albemarle Sound since Predict Wind called for 30 knots of “breeze” from the north the later the next day.

Enjoy this 360 degree video of sailing on the Alligator River (no alligators were seen).

Hello Georgia! You Look Lovely.

Exactly 2 weeks after arriving in Florida I sailed (and motored) across the border into Georgia.  Did I plan to be in Georgia?  Well, no.  But, storms and boat stuff change my plans just about every day… that’s all part of sailing.  It’s great to have a plan but it’s vital to be ready to improvise!

Now, I am tucked into a great little marina in Brunswick, Georgia where I just enjoyed my first cruisers happy hour gathering at the marina lounge. Yes! And… to cruisers’ happy hours!  OMG this marina has free beer on tap.  Is it PBR? Yup.  Is it free?  Enjoy it.  Met a great group of cruisers, most of whom have just made there way back here from a season in the Bahamas and many that have recently sold there houses and are just starting their new lives afloat.  I plan to interview some of them soon and introduce you to them and their stories.

I’ll be here for a couple weeks to make some repairs and improvements to the boat and get ready for more visitors or a solo trip north.  Will I make it to NY this summer?  At this point I’d be pretty psyched to get to the Chesapeake Bay!  Wherever I am it will be an adventure and I plan to always stay open to the possibilities each day presents.

Enjoy this 360 degree video of Becca, Kim, and I (and little Capt’ Lou) crossing over into Georgia and celebrating with a little St. Augustine Distillery bourbon.  (remember, use your mouse to move the view anyway you want to look!)

Travel Through the Bridge of Lions of St. Augustine with 360 Degree Video


After a night at sea, we tucked in at St. Augustine to check out the town and figure out our next move.  We stayed at the St. Augustine Municipal Marina, which is just south of the Bridge of Lions.  This bridge was built in 1925 and is a bascule bridge (the spans lift up).  It only opens on the hour and half hour and not during certain hours (like noon).  The currents are also very strong here which we found out the hard way when we got pinned against the docks trying to back out of the slip! 😦

Enjoy looking around as we motor through the bridge on our way north up the ICW.